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For a Limited Time – You can purchase Brian and Roberts 2 DVD set and save $$

Here’s what you’d get:


Robert Stephens DVD: It’s Magic


Brian Cook and Robert Stephens DVD: All Moves!

Learn the behind-the-scenes steps it takes to make it as a professional magician. These DVD’s are by professional magicians. You’ll find techniques never before taught to help make you dazzle.

Ready to watch when you are.

Slip in a DVD. No Internet needed. Start and stop as you need to. Go backwards and forwards frame by frame until you get it down.

The benefit of VIDEO.

A lot of magicians learned magic from books. Trying to read directions and perform them can be tough. Video removes that challenge and helps you get “performance ready” a whole lot faster!

Audience TESTED

There’s a lot of magic tricks out there. Tons of books and videos. These are the tricks used by magicians EVERY DAY. Don’t spend money on hard to learn, seldom preformed magic. Get a DVD of magic that works TODAY.


Get That Extra Edge You’ve Been Looking For!

Both Brian and Robert have won prestigious magic awards, both for close-up and stage

magic. They have taken time to record and teach some of their best moves to help you

become great at slight of hand. Purchase up a DVD today – even at this price – it’s still a great buy!

These DVD’s need to be shipped to you. Once you have made your purchase,

you will be directed to your membership page where you can enter your name and address.

Get Robert Stephens DVD: Magic Time!¬† and Robert Stephens and Brian Cook’s DVD: All Moves! for ONLY $47 (save $10 if purchased separately)

$47 (includes shipping and handling)

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